Our name and how to contact us

Foryte Web Services, Inc (


We collect or use your data in order to

  • To process payment in conjuction with the services

  • To respond to inquires and provide support


Our collection and use of your data is lawful because

  • It is collected or used, with your consent, for one or more of the purposes stated above

  • It is needed for a contract with you or, at your request, prior to entering into a contract.


Where we send your data

Your data is shared with:

Some of your data may be sent outside the European Union and European Economic Area or to an international organization.The United States has not be deemed by the EU to have adequate safeguards in protecting your personal data.


    Your rights in your data

    You have the right to complain to an authority.

    Where you have consented to the use of your data, you have the right to withdraw consent. However, withdrawing consent will not affect what we did before the withdrawal.


    How long we keep your data

    Your data is stored in our systems for no longer than 1 year from the date in which you last contacted us.